All Classes • 1 hour 28 minutes

Featuring the top five bodybuilding finalists performing their choreographed posing routines, posedown of the weight classes and awarding of the trophies. See the intense muscle attitude of these great competitors as they pose for the judges and a frenzied crowd. Presented with intense close-up and wide shots. Featuring: Henderson Gordon, Jeff Lopez, Mark Ritter, Joseph John Justin, R.J. Dawidi, Tommy Potenza, Marion Benton, Ron Thompson, Kurt Gorman, Victor Martinez, Richard Holmes, Art Atwood, and more!

Preview Gallery

  • Art Atwood
  • Jebby Thibodeaux
  • David Wilson, Jr.
  • Victor Martinez
  • Michael Davila
  • Tom Jimenez
  • Victor Martinez
  • Marion Benton
  • Ron Thompson
  • Tom Jimenez

Video Clips