- 2000 NPC Junior Nationals Men's Evening Show

All Classes • 1 hour 17 minutes

Featuring the top five bodybuilding finalists performing their choreographed posing routines, posedown of the weight classes and awarding of the trophies. See the intense muscle attitudes of these great competitors as they pose for the judges and the frenzied crowd. Presented with both wide shots and close-ups bringing you in closer than a front-row seat! Among those featured: Albert Foster, Cecil Kershaw, William Sibilia, Andy Snyder, Anthony Dodd, Kirk DeFrancesco, Joseph Palumbo, Ali Matteau, Eddie Linda, James Miller, Bryan Fusilier, Julio del Rio, Rene Endara, Ezekiel Davis, Jason Butler and more! • 1 hour 17 minutes

Preview Gallery

  • Eddie Linda
  • Kent Paul
  • Harry Haese
  • Eddie Linda
  • Cecil Kershaw
  • Ezekiel Davis
  • Kent Paul
  • Harry Haese
  • William Sibilia
  • Kirk DeFrancesco

Video Clips

  • Albert Foster
    Albert Foster
  • William Sibilia
    William Sibilia
  • Allen Gutierrez
    Allen Gutierrez
  • Rene Endara
    Rene Endara
  • Joseph Palumbo
    Joseph Palumbo
  • Harry Haese
    Harry Haese
  • Ali Matteau
    Ali Matteau
  • Donald Higgins
    Donald Higgins
  • Frank Jaramillo
    Frank Jaramillo
  • Jason Butler
    Jason Butler