All Classes • 1 hour 21 minutes

The 2001 NPC Junior National Bodybuilding Championships drew some of the hottest up-and-coming bodybuilders to St. Louis for an unforgettable weekend of incredible muscle action. The Evening Show video features all of the top five competitors from each weight class as they perform their choreographed posing routines, engage in class posedowns and receive their hard-earned trophies. Dual-camera video presentation. Featuring Thomas Rieke, Joe Mazzone, Maurice Coker, Sebastian Zona, Mark Perry, Garey MacDowell, Frank Jezioro and many more!

Preview Gallery

  • R. Troy Moore
  • Benny Nele, II
  • Jim Propst
  • Chris Carter
  • Marco Sagitto
  • Andre Ewing
  • Chris Havekost
  • Thomas Rieke
  • Andre Ewing
  • Pat Kiger

Video Clips

  • Elliott Nichols
    Elliott Nichols
  • Derrick Brown
    Derrick Brown
  • Joshua Fred
    Joshua Fred
  • Sebastian Zona
    Sebastian Zona
  • Jim Propst
    Jim Propst
  • Joe Mazzone
    Joe Mazzone