All Weightclasses • 1 hour 35 minutes

Every year, the Junior National Championships delivers an incredible array of new and up-and-coming bodybuilding talent from across the nation. We're proud to provide exclusive video of this unforgettable show with our year 2005 coverage of this contest being the biggest yet. The Evening Show is the grand finale of this competition, where the top five competitors from each weight-class perform their choreographed posing routines for the frenzied audience. Class trophies and overall competition awards are also presented during the evening show. Presented with both wide shots and close-up cameras, we bring you a viewing experience that rivals a front-row seat. • 1 hour 35 minutes
  • $34.95

Preview Gallery

  • Phillip Heath
  • Erick Seng
  • Brad Davis
  • Christopher Perticari
  • Thomas Corcoran
  • Roger Ferrer
  • Andre Ewing
  • Brad Davis

Video Clips

  • Kevin Melkild
    Kevin Melkild
  • Art Atwood
    Art Atwood
  • Andre Ewing
    Andre Ewing
  • Ronald Pereira
    Ronald Pereira
  • Phillip Heath
    Phillip Heath
  • Orlando Smith
    Orlando Smith
  • Keith Williams
    Keith Williams
  • Victor Prisk
    Victor Prisk
  • Brad Davis
    Brad Davis
  • Philip Tribble
    Philip Tribble