All Weight Classes • 1 hour 30 minutes

The most prestigious NPC bodybuilding contest of the year, the 2005 NPC National Championships showcases thebest bodybuilders in the USA. This Evening Show video showcases the top 5 finalists in each weight class performing their choreographed posing routines, the final posedown of the weight classes and awarding of the trophies. See the intense muscle attitude of these great competitors as they pose for the judges and a frenzied crowd. Shot in both close-up and wide shots in order to bring you incredible physique detail - even better than a front row seat!
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Preview Gallery

  • Michael Ergas
  • Vinnie Galanti
  • Michael Ergas
  • Sereiryth Leandre
  • Jesse Duque
  • Rafael Campuzano
  • Daryl Gee
  • Joshua Fred
  • Charles Dixon
  • Garrett Allin

Video Clips

  • Kevin Creeden
    Kevin Creeden
  • Abiu Feliz
    Abiu Feliz
  • Jesse Duque
    Jesse Duque
  • Rafael Campuzano
    Rafael Campuzano
  • Leo Ingram
    Leo Ingram
  • Garrett Allin
    Garrett Allin
  • Vinnie Galanti
    Vinnie Galanti
  • Dave Candy
    Dave Candy
  • Jose Raymond
    Jose Raymond