All Age and Weight Classes • 3 hours 5 minutes

Today's hottest muscle stars from across the globe come to Miami to compete in the Musclemania Superbody Championships! You'll see all age groups - from Juniors to Masters, all levels of experience from Novice to Pros and all weight classes in this huge, two-disc set. Nearly 60 Bodybulders from Europe, South America, Asia, Canada and the U.S. all compete for the title of 'Superbody' in one of the most popular contests of the year. Shot in both close-ups and full-body shots, you'll feel like you're in a front row seat for all the muscle action! • 3 hours 5 minutes
  • $34.95

Preview Gallery

  • Francisco Vega
  • Victor Lopez
  • David Whittaker
  • Tommy Alston
  • Vincent Dacquino
  • Philip Ricardo, Jr
  • Bradly Castleberry
  • Lahos Konya
  • Ivan Nikolov
  • Jim Collins

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