- 2006 NPC Masters Bodybuilding Championships Men's Evening Show

All Weight Classes • 2 hours 6 minutes

The NPC Masters National Bodybuilding Championships is the top contest in the USA for bodybulders over the age of 35. Held in Pittsburgh, PA, this contest features over 100 bodybuilders in a battle for the national masters bodybuilding title. This Evening Show video features all weight classes and age divisions as the top 5 bodybuilders in each weight class perform their choreographed posing routines and compete in aggressive muscle posedowns for the trophies. This video is shot in both mind-blowing close-ups and head-to-toe shots so you see the incredible muscle definition as well as overall symmetry. The next best thing to a front row seat! • 2 hours 6 minutes
  • $34.95

  • $24.95

Preview Gallery

  • Randy Leppala
  • Michael Broadway
  • John Cutri
  • John Cutri
  • Paul Lanzino
  • Wayne Hugar
  • Ron Cetovick
  • Mark Antonek
  • Ralph Gaxiola