- 2008 NPC Junior National Championships Men's Evening Show Finals

All Men's Weght Classes • 1 hour 39 minutes

Every year, the Junior National Championships delivers an incredible array of new and up-and-coming bodybuilding talent from across the nation. The Evening Show is the grand finale of this competition, where the top five competitors from each weight-class perform their choreographed posing routines for the frenzied audience. Class trophies and overall competition awards are also presented during the evening show. Shot with both wide and close-up cameras, we bring you a viewing experience that rivals a front-row seat! • 1 hour 39 minutes
  • $34.95

  • $24.95

Preview Gallery

  • Sean Allan
  • Sean Allan
  • Jacob Wilson
  • Chad Martin
  • Dan Decker
  • Mike Gritti
  • Dave Gratta
  • Trey Brewer
  • Juan Munoz
  • Dan Decker

Video Clips

  • Todd Jewell
    Todd Jewell
  • Tim Rice
    Tim Rice
  • Jacob Wilson
    Jacob Wilson
  • Michael Liberatore
    Michael Liberatore
  • Bob Bohaczyk
    Bob Bohaczyk
  • Jon Cantagallo
    Jon Cantagallo