Light-Heavyweight through Super-Heavyweight • 1 hour 50 minutes

America's best physiques battle in the Big Apple at the 2000 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships. Over 70 ripped and massive competitors from the light-heavyweight, heavyweight and super-heavyweight classes perform their mandatory poses and engage in side-by-side comparisons for the judges during the prejudging portion of this competition. Presented entirely in full-body shots. Featuring Troy Alves, Art Atwood, Mat DuVall, Brad Hollibaugh, Victor Martinez, Jeramy Freeman, Scott Klein, Eddie Moyzan, Vinnie Galanti and many more!
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Preview Gallery

  • Erik Fromm

  • Jeff Schwartzer

  • Manuel Torres

  • Manuel Torres

  • Tom Jimenez

  • Stephen Tsitas

  • Craig Richardson

  • Fred Bigot

  • Marion Benton

  • Mark Loy

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