Lightheavyweight through Superheavyweight • 1 hour 25 minutes

The 2002 NPC USA Championships brought together an incredible array of rock hard and shredded competitors from throughout the nation for one incredible showdown in Las Vegas. At the prejudging, the top 15 competitors from each weightclass pose onstage rather than just the top five in each class which pose during the evening show. Our prejudging tapes are a great way to see the competitors posing individually and in side-by-side comparisons. Shot entirely in full-body shots, you'll see the complete physiques. Dozens of competitors featured. Featuring Kris Dim, Mike Ergas, Joe Ntiforo, Idrise Ward-El, Will Harris, Robert Lopez, Craig Torres and many others.
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Preview Gallery

  • Mitch McIntyre
  • Jeff Willet
  • Mike Dragna
  • Darryl Bush
  • Skip Lacour
  • Darryl Bush
  • Mat DuVall
  • Omar Deckard
  • Joe Hubbard