Light-Heavy, Heavy and Super-Heavyweight Classes • 1 hour 42 minutes

The nation's best bodybuilders compete for the national bodybuilding title! You won't believe your eyes as some of the top bodybuilders in the U.S. step on stage to show off their incredibly ripped and developed physiques. This prejudging videos shows all the bodybuilders in the light-heavyweight, heavyweight and super-heavyweight classes as they are compared side-by-side for the judges. The top 15 men in each weight class perform an individual poosing routine as well. Shot entirely in head-to-toe, full body shots so you can see the muscle symmetry and proportion of these top muscle stars!
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Preview Gallery

  • Mike Knowles
  • David Fenty
  • Brad Davis
  • Eric Shannon
  • Gabriel Latifi
  • Vladimir Sizov
  • Stephen Kuclo
  • Kevin Reeves