Light-Heavy, Heavy & Super-Heavyweight Classes • 1 hour 51 minutes

The Junior National Championships is always the place to see the new, up-and-coming bodybuilders from across the nation. The Prejudging Part Two video shows you all of the men in the light-heavyweight, heavyweight, super-heavyweight classes on-stage. You'll see their physiques compared side-by-side. Then each person in these weight classes performs an individual routine of poses. You'll see what the judges saw in this video. Shot entirely in head-to-toe wide shots so that you see overall symmetry as well as muscle definition. • 1 hour 51 minutes
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Preview Gallery

  • James Campbell
  • Nate Hoppe
  • Nick Zakotiria
  • Sergio Oliva, Jr.
  • Brian Yersky
  • Mike Best
  • Ransford Jackson
  • Tyler Berry
  • Mike Best