- 2009 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro Bodybuilding Championships Men's Prejudging

All Competitors in All Weight Classes • 2 hours 5 minutes

The 2009 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro Bodybuilding Championships brings close to 40 of the best bodybuilders from across the country and around the globe for an unforgettable night of muscular competition! The Prejudging video features all competitors in all classes as they engage in side-by-side comparisons and individual mandatory poses for evaluation by the judging panel. Presented in full-length head-to-toe perspective, you'll see exactly what the judges saw. • 2 hours 5 minutes
  • $34.95

  • $24.95

Preview Gallery

  • Mike Debenham
  • Clarence Devis
  • Clarence Devis
  • Alfonso Del Rio
  • Mike Debenham
  • Frank McGrath
  • Ben Pakulski
  • John Hodgson
  • Fouad Abiad
  • Mike Debenham

Video Clips

  • Alfonso Del Rio
    Alfonso Del Rio
  • Yans Salaks
    Yans Salaks
  • Ben Pakulski
    Ben Pakulski
  • Fadi ZaaZaa
    Fadi ZaaZaa
  • Dennis James
    Dennis James
  • Lionel Brown
    Lionel Brown
  • Mike Debenham
    Mike Debenham
  • Mike Horn
    Mike Horn
  • Tarek Elsetouhi
    Tarek Elsetouhi
  • Grigori Atoyan
    Grigori Atoyan