Bantamweight and Lightweight • 1 hour 8 minutes

America's best physiques battle in Vegas for the 2001 NPC USA Bodybuilding Championships. See the bantamweight and lighteweight men as they lift, push, and pump themselves up with sheer size and definition in the backstage warm-up area. Lot's of oiling, flexing, and incredible close-ups take you where no other spectator can go! Shot with multiple cameras during the prejudging and evening show portions of the contest. Featuring Brett Campanella, Anthony Miller, Clifton Torres, Nathaniel Hancock, and many more.
  • $34.95

Preview Gallery

  • Joseph Mobareki

  • Johnny Traynor

  • Guillermo Escalante

  • Roland Aki

  • Nathaniel Hancock

  • Jim King

  • Sean Malyson

  • Nathaniel Hancock

  • Dale Pierce

  • George Gibson

Video Clips

  • Manny Vigil

    Manny Vigil

  • Roy Bacani

    Roy Bacani

  • Clifton Torres

    Clifton Torres

  • Doug Baez

    Doug Baez

  • Guillermo Escalante

    Guillermo Escalante

  • Anthony Miller

    Anthony Miller

  • Nathaniel Hancock

    Nathaniel Hancock

  • Anthony Miller

    Anthony Miller

  • Rey Ronquilio

    Rey Ronquilio

  • Ken Hendriksen

    Ken Hendriksen