Heavyweight & Super-Heavyweight • 1 hour 27 minutes

Atlanta set the stage for the 2001 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships where close to 200 competitors converged to battle for a chance to earn their pro card at the year's most anticipated bodybuilding contest. See nearly 40 heayweight and superheavyweight mass monsters as they lift, push, and pump themselves up with monster size and incredible cuts in the backstage pump-up area. Lots of oiling, flexing, and incredible close-ups take you where no other spectator can go! Shot with multiple cameras during the prejudging and evening show portions of the contest. Pump Room Part 3 also includes 30 minutes of specially-edited slow motion footage, accentuating the incredible size and power of these awe-inspiring athletes. Featuring Branch Warren, Eddie Moyzan, Noah Steere, Art Atwood, Christ Martin, Mike Massey, Mohamad Moussawi, Mark Perry and many more. • 1 hour 27 minutes
  • $34.95

Preview Gallery

  • Michael Vrabel
  • Michael Vrabel
  • Michael Massey
  • Michael Vrabel
  • Branch Warren
  • Branch Warren
  • George Turmon
  • Ronnie Adams
  • Branch Warren
  • Troy Thomas

Video Clips

  • Edward Moyzan
    Edward Moyzan
  • John Vanaman
    John Vanaman
  • Mohamad Moussawi
    Mohamad Moussawi
  • Kirk DeFrancesco
    Kirk DeFrancesco
  • George Turmon
    George Turmon
  • Art Atwood
    Art Atwood
  • Mat DuVall
    Mat DuVall
  • Marty Trubilla
    Marty Trubilla
  • Joseph Carlton, Jr.
    Joseph Carlton, Jr.
  • Doug Jabalee
    Doug Jabalee