- 2004 NPC National Championships Men's Pump Room Part 3

Heavyweight and Super-Heavyweight • 1 hour 58 minutes

The 2004 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships are the pinnacle of the amateur bodybuilding contest season where athletes from all over the country vie for a chance to earn professional status. Without a doubt the Nationals are the most anticipated contest of the year, and in 2004 Dallas sets the stage for an unforgettable weekend of intense muscular action. Pump Room Part 3 features the heavyweight and super-heavyweight competitors as they pump up, oil down and ready to take the stage. We covered the pump room during both the prejudging and evening show portions with multiple cameras, bringing you an up-close and intense look at these incredible bodybuilders. • 1 hour 58 minutes
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Preview Gallery

  • Capriese Murray
  • David Dorsey
  • David Dorsey
  • Christopher Bennett
  • Sean Calder
  • Omar Deckard
  • Randy Moore
  • Grigori Atoyan
  • Erik Fromm
  • Ron Stevens

Video Clips

  • Gregory Jones
    Gregory Jones
  • Korbie Ntiforo
    Korbie Ntiforo
  • Tab Hunter
    Tab Hunter
  • Stephen Frazier
    Stephen Frazier
  • Christopher Bennett
    Christopher Bennett
  • Val Petroff
    Val Petroff
  • Chris Cook
    Chris Cook
  • Lloyd Dollar
    Lloyd Dollar
  • Brandon Chiles
    Brandon Chiles