Heavyweight & Super-Heavyweight Bodybuilders • 2 hours 45 minutes

Each year, the Junior National Championships delivers an incredible array of new and up-and-coming bodybuilding talent from across the nation. We're proud to provide exclusive video coverage of this unforgettable contest in a double video set - nearly 3 hours long! Pump Room Part 3 features the heavyweight and super-heavyweight bodybuilders as they pump-up, oil down and practice posing. We cover the pump room during both the prejudging and evening show portions with multiple cameras, bringing you an up-close and intense look at these incredible bodybuilders.
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Preview Gallery

  • Ben White
  • Martin Sandoval
  • Sean Jones
  • Chad Martin
  • Brian Yersky
  • Ben White
  • Brian Yersky
  • Chris Brown
  • Robert Hatch
  • Eric Posejpal

Video Clips

  • Tony Faticoni
    Tony Faticoni
  • Chad Martin
    Chad Martin
  • Bryce Holmes
    Bryce Holmes
  • Bryan Barth
    Bryan Barth
  • Tony Friedrich III
    Tony Friedrich III
  • Kevin Knapp
    Kevin Knapp
  • Kevin Tomasini
    Kevin Tomasini
  • Evan Centopani
    Evan Centopani
  • Brian Yersky
    Brian Yersky
  • Bryan Barth
    Bryan Barth