Bantamweight, Lightweight & Welterweight Classes • 2 hours 3 minutes

The NPC National Bodybuilding Championships are the pinnacle of the amateur bodybuilding contest season where athletes from all over the country vie for a chance to earn professional bodybuilder status. Without a doubt, the Nationals are the most anticipated contest of the year. This Pump Room video is a behind-the-scenes look at bodybuilders in the bantamweight, lightweight and welterweight classes. You'll get an up-close and personal look at these men as they pump up to insane proportions, oil down, practice posing and get ready to take the stage. Our cameras take you in closer than you ever thought possible by capturing these amazing physiques in awe-inspiring detail and definition. Over 2 hours of muscle pumping action!
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Preview Gallery

  • Alejandro Garza
  • Marvin Ward
  • Samuel Santos
  • Roosevelt Woodard
  • Jeff Olcsvary
  • Alejandro Garza
  • Timoney Fernandez
  • Mark Ritter
  • Edward Foster
  • Jesus Cabrera-Martinez

Video Clips

  • Steven Reilly
    Steven Reilly
  • Roosevelt Woodard
    Roosevelt Woodard
  • Ray Douglas
    Ray Douglas
  • Elie Neufeld
    Elie Neufeld
  • Jeff Olcsvary
    Jeff Olcsvary
  • Rafael Campuzano
    Rafael Campuzano
  • Timoney Fernandez
    Timoney Fernandez
  • JB Bartlett
    JB Bartlett
  • Mike Davis
    Mike Davis
  • Joshua Katz
    Joshua Katz