- 2015 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro Men's Bodybuilding Pump Room Part 2

Competitors G to P • 2 hours 20 minutes

This video features Pump Room and Backstage Posing! The 2015 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro Championships brought together today's top professional bodybuilders from all over the country and world for one unforgettable day of muscular competition. Watch competitors as they pump-up, prepare to take the stage and pose for our cameras in our backstage posing area in this combination pump room and backstage posing video. This video features both the Open and 212 classes of bodybuilders with last names beginning with G through P. • 2 hours 20 minutes
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Preview Gallery

  • Jose Luis Rodriguez Oyola
  • Craig Licker
  • Jose Luis Rodriguez Oyola
  • Milton Martinez
  • Stefan Havlik
  • Freddie McCray, III
  • John Meadows
  • Freddie McCray, III
  • Johnnie Jackson

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