Bantamweight through Middleweight • 1 hour 2 minutes

Over 30 of the top competitors in the Bantam through Middleweight classes. Roddy Gaubert, Al Escobar, Kevin English, Eric Otero, Roger Stewart, Richard Longwith are some of the incredible bodybuilders who pose for you in this video. • 1 hour 2 minutes
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Video Clips

  • Daniel Pellegrini, II
    Daniel Pellegrini, II
  • Derik Farnsworth
    Derik Farnsworth
  • Terry Haynes
    Terry Haynes
  • Carlen Charleston
    Carlen Charleston
  • Corey Hajek
    Corey Hajek
  • Marvin Ward
    Marvin Ward
  • Scott Plaisance
    Scott Plaisance
  • Danny Gutierrez
    Danny Gutierrez
  • Al Escobar, Jr.
    Al Escobar, Jr.
  • Joseph Justin
    Joseph Justin