- 2000 NPC Nationals Men's Backstage Posing Part 2

Middleweight and Light-Heavyweight • 2 hours 52 minutes

America's best physiques battle in New York for the 2000 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships. Backstage Posing Part 2 brings you nearly THREE HOURS of continuous intense pumping, posing, and flexing as we feature nearly 50 massive and ripped middleweight and light-heavyweight competitors from this contest. We set up our private backstage posing area to capture these athletes during the weigh-in, prejudging, and evening show portions of the competition. Take this combined with our multiple camera angles and multiple posing sessions of select top competitors and you've got an in-depth and incredibly close look at this year's top physiques. And for the first time, we've included sound from our posing camera, so you'll be able to hear the athletes as they introduce themselves and interact with the cameraman as they're directed through their poses. Featuring Vinnie Galanti, Mark Loy, Warren James, Fred Bigot, Capriese Murray, Frank Rey and more! • 2 hours 52 minutes
  • $34.95

Preview Gallery

  • Fred Bigot
  • Joseph Miller
  • Johnny Stewart
  • Fred Bigot
  • Tom Jimenez
  • Craig Torres
  • Tom Jimenez
  • Michael Sponsler
  • Stephen Tsitas
  • Johnny Stewart

Video Clips

  • Randy Samuels
    Randy Samuels
  • Craig Mander
    Craig Mander
  • Frank Rey
    Frank Rey
  • Wilbert Lock
    Wilbert Lock
  • Shawn Tuck
    Shawn Tuck
  • Manuel Torres
    Manuel Torres
  • Maris Lee
    Maris Lee
  • David Wisdom
    David Wisdom
  • Jeff Cook
    Jeff Cook
  • Warren James
    Warren James