- 2001 NPC Nationals Men's Backstage Posing Part 1

Bantamweight & Lightweight • 1 hour 59 minutes

Atlanta set the stage for the 2001 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships where close to 200 competitors converged to battle for a chance to earn their pro card at the year's most anticipated bodybuilding contest. Backstage Posing Part 1 brings you close to two hours of intense pumping, posing, and flexing as we feature 40 shredded bantamweight and lightweight competitors from this contest. We set up our private backstage posing area to capture these athletes during the weigh-in, prejudging, and evening show portions of the competition. Take this combined with our multiple camera angles and multiple posing sessions of select top competitors and you've got the most in-depth look at some America's best hard bodies. Featuring Jose Raymond, Lance Harano, Ricky Parks, Johnnny McKnight, Clifton Torres, Derik Farnsworth and many more! • 1 hour 59 minutes
  • $34.95

Preview Gallery

  • Shawn Boutwell
  • Jose Raymond
  • Michael Wick
  • Jose Raymond
  • Ricky Parks
  • Chris Rhodes
  • Owen McCurty
  • Gene Johnson
  • Milton Berry, Jr.
  • Owen McCurty

Video Clips

  • Cheung Teav
    Cheung Teav
  • Jason Butler
    Jason Butler
  • Ricky Parks
    Ricky Parks
  • Shawn Boutwell
    Shawn Boutwell
  • Chris Rhodes
    Chris Rhodes
  • Chickel Azor
    Chickel Azor
  • Derik Farnsworth
    Derik Farnsworth
  • Lance Harano
    Lance Harano
  • Donald Higgins
    Donald Higgins
  • Daniel Stern
    Daniel Stern