- 2004 NPC National Championships Men's Backstage Posing Part 3

Heavweight and Super-Heavyweight • 1 hour 57 minutes

The 2004 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships are the pinnacle of the amateur bodybuilding contest season where athletes from all over the country vie for a chance to earn professional status. Without a doubt the Nationals are the most anticipated contest of the year, and in 2004 Dallas sets the stage for an unforgettable weekend of intense muscular action. Backstage Posing Part 3 features the heavyweight through super-heavyweight bodybuilders from this contest as they pose exclusively for our cameras in our private backstage posing area. This is an in-depth and up-close look at the competitors as they perform more than just the mandatory poses for our cameras! • 1 hour 57 minutes
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Preview Gallery

  • David Dorsey
  • Rich Piana
  • Gregory Jones
  • Gregory Jones
  • Gregory Jones
  • Michael Johnson
  • Omar Deckard
  • Randy Moore
  • Gregory Jones
  • Jerome Ferguson

Video Clips

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson
  • Troy Tate
    Troy Tate
  • Erik Fromm
    Erik Fromm
  • Charles Dorsey, Jr.
    Charles Dorsey, Jr.
  • David Dorsey
    David Dorsey
  • Val Petroff
    Val Petroff
  • Gregory Jones
    Gregory Jones
  • Robert Youells
    Robert Youells
  • Omar Deckard
    Omar Deckard
  • Gus Carter
    Gus Carter