- 2006 Musclemania Superbody Men's Backstage Posing Part 2

Juniors & Bantam thru Heavyweight Open Division • 3 hours 37 minutes

Today's hottest muscle stars from across the globe come to Miami to compete in the Musclemania Superbody Championships! The Backstage Posing Part 2 video features contest-primed bodybuilders in the Junior Class (ages 18-22) and all of the classes of the Open Division, bantamweight through heavyweight, just before they go on-stage to compete. You'll see these muscular men pose exclusively for our cameras in our backstage posing area. This double DVD set features over three hours of non-stop muscle. See many of the most popular bodybulders from Europe, South America, Asia, Canada and the U.S. all compete for the title of 'Superbody' in one of the hottest contests of the year! • 3 hours 37 minutes
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  • $24.95

Preview Gallery

  • Fabrice Rinaldi
  • Victor Lopez
  • Fabrice Rinaldi
  • Brandon Bass
  • Lahos Konya
  • Vincent Dacquino
  • Eli Ingram
  • Robert Momenteller
  • Bradly Castleberry
  • Lahos Konya

Video Clips

  • Edward Mazzechelli
    Edward Mazzechelli
  • Philip Ricardo, Jr
    Philip Ricardo, Jr
  • Brandon Bass
    Brandon Bass
  • Ivan Nikolov
    Ivan Nikolov
  • Jim Collins
    Jim Collins
  • Jerry Abadom
    Jerry Abadom
  • Christopher Motil
    Christopher Motil
  • Brandon Bass
    Brandon Bass
  • Ignacio Torres
    Ignacio Torres
  • Lahos Konya
    Lahos Konya