All Weight Classes • 3 hours 25 minutes

The NPC Masters National Bodybuilding Championships is the top contest in the USA for bodybulders over the age of 35. Held in Pittsburgh, PA, this contest features over 100 bodybuilders in a battle for the national masters bodybuilding title. This Backstage Posing video features nearly 75 of the top bodybuilders in this contest posing backstage, just for our cameras, in our exclusive posing area. You'll see great muscle close-ups and personal one-on-one posing. This massive 2-DVD set clocks in at nearly 3 1/2 hours of pure muscle posing! • 3 hours 25 minutes
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Preview Gallery

  • Steven Scutti
  • Rodney Davis
  • R.D. Noren, II
  • Steven Scutti
  • Mike Horn
  • James Jerris
  • Lawrence Hunt
  • Mark Antonek
  • Kent Bierly