- 2009 NPC Junior National Bodybuilding Men's Backstage Posing Part 1

Bantamweight, Lightweight and Welterweight Men • 2 hours 3 minutes

The Junior National Championships is always the place to see the new, up-and-coming bodybuilders from across the nation. This Backstage Posing video showcases men in the bantamweight, lightweight and welterweight classes. You'll see muscle detail and extended posing that you won't see on-stage as the men from this contest pose exclusively for our cameras backstage. Mind-blowing muscle close-ups make our Backstage Posing videos the most popular videos for bodybuilding fans. • 2 hours 3 minutes
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Preview Gallery

  • Jeremy Goldstein
  • Marc Escobia
  • Dustie Gaskins
  • Jason Turner
  • Richard Burke
  • Albert La Londe
  • Shawn Boutwell
  • Jason Theobald
  • Dustie Gaskins
  • Luis Santa

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