Heavyweight and Super-Heavyweight Men • 2 hours 44 minutes

The Junior National Championships is always the place to see the new, up-and-coming bodybuilders from across the nation. This Backstage Posing video showcases men in the heavyweight and super-heavyweight classes. You'll see muscle detail and extended posing that you won't see on-stage as the men from this contest pose exclusively for our cameras backstage. Mind-blowing muscle close-ups make our Backstage Posing videos the most popular videos for bodybuilding fans. • 2 hours 44 minutes
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  • $24.95

Preview Gallery

  • Ransford Jackson
  • Kevin Jordan
  • Christopher Hobbs
  • Jason David
  • Nick Zakotiria
  • Alfred Davis
  • Marlon Foots
  • Lance Johnson
  • Brian Yersky
  • Robert Youells

Video Clips