- 2010 NPC Teen & Collegiate National Championships Men's Backstage Posing 2

Light-Heavyweight & Heavyweight Bodybuilders • 2 hours 22 minutes

The country's top teenage and collegiate bodybuilders converge in Pittsburgh to vie for the national title in this exclusive contest video. This Backstage Posing video features both teen and college age bodybuilders from the light-heavyweight and heavyweight classes posing exclusively for our cameras in our backstage posing area. A muscle showdown you won't want to miss, loaded with mind-blowing close-ups! The Instant Download version of this video is an HD video file! • 2 hours 22 minutes
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Preview Gallery

  • Seth Sandler
  • Nathan Wright
  • Trey Smith
  • Stewart Peppers
  • Samuel Schrader
  • Kenneth Jones
  • Matthew Sherman
  • Josh Halladay
  • Adam Hagner
  • Josh Kosier

Video Clips

  • Josh Halladay
    Josh Halladay
  • Jonathan Irizarry
    Jonathan Irizarry
  • Brandon Graham
    Brandon Graham
  • Seth Sandler
    Seth Sandler
  • Mike Madger
    Mike Madger
  • Fernando Valeriano
    Fernando Valeriano
  • Nathan Wright
    Nathan Wright
  • Jacob Wilczynski
    Jacob Wilczynski
  • Stewart Peppers
    Stewart Peppers
  • Derek Gavorcik
    Derek Gavorcik