All Divisions and Classes • 2 hours 16 minutes

Florida's Tampa Bay is a hotbed of the iron sport, and every year the NPC Tampa Bay Classic showcases some of the region's best up-and-coming physiques. Many top-level national bodybuilders have gotten their start at this competition through its twenty-five-year history. The Tampa Bay Classic features multiple bodybuilding divisions which include teenage, masters, novice, and open divisions. The evening show features posing routines from all top competitors from each weightclass and division as well as tropy presentations. • 2 hours 16 minutes
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Preview Gallery

  • Bobby Guidotti
  • Matt Wacaser
  • Shane Gilbertson
  • Adam Rice
  • Bobby Guidotti
  • Dominic Sorrentino
  • James Flood
  • Kian Shafie
  • Tony Fabrizio
  • Anthony Kolodziej

Video Clips

  • Brian Wachtel
    Brian Wachtel
  • Tony Fabrizio
    Tony Fabrizio
  • Christian Genao
    Christian Genao
  • Kian Shafie
    Kian Shafie
  • Jason Patoskie
    Jason Patoskie
  • Shane Gilbertson
    Shane Gilbertson
  • Bobby Guidotti
    Bobby Guidotti
  • James Flood
    James Flood
  • Charles McLeod
    Charles McLeod
  • Jeffrey Delaney
    Jeffrey Delaney