All Weight Classes • 3 hours 36 minutes

The NPC Southern States Bodybuilding Championships is THE major bodybuilding event in the southern USA. You'll see today's rising bodybuilders here before they are famous. Many bodybuilding pros and legends have crossed the stage in this enormous contest. The Pump Room video features approximately 75 bodybuilders from all divisons and weight classes as they pump up with weights, oil down and practice posing before hitting the stage. You'll see awe-inspiring close-ups of muscle pumping and posing in this enormous 3 1/2 hour, 2-DVD set. Competitors include: Jason Huh, Mark Alvisi, Chris Hobbs, James Seymour, and dozens more! • 3 hours 36 minutes
  • $34.95

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Video Clips

  • Dan Rollo
    Dan Rollo
  • Jeffrey Lora
    Jeffrey Lora
  • Geobanny Paula
    Geobanny Paula
  • Mark Alvisi
    Mark Alvisi
  • Michael Avery
    Michael Avery
  • Dario Ferrer
    Dario Ferrer
  • Micah Grigsby
    Micah Grigsby
  • Jeffrey Delaney
    Jeffrey Delaney
  • Joshua Olmeda
    Joshua Olmeda
  • Jeffrey Delaney
    Jeffrey Delaney