- 2013 NPC Southern States Men's Bodybuilding & Physique Pump Room Part 2

Open Lightweight thru Heavyweight Divisions • 2 hours 29 minutes

For over two decades the NPC Southern States Championships drew scores of competitors from the southern regions of the country to Ft. Lauderdale for one weekend of incredible muscular competition. USAMuscle is pleased to bring you our signature contest coverage of this legendary contest which produced many notable pros who compete within the sport today. This pump room video part 2 video features physique and bodybuilding competitors from the Open divisions as they pump up, practice posing and get ready to take the stage. The Digital Download version of this video is an HD video file. • 2 hours 29 minutes
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Preview Gallery

  • Santiago Aragon
  • Frank Sucre
  • Ivan Gill
  • Frank Sucre
  • Frank Sucre
  • Manuel Fernandez
  • Alex Deoliveira
  • Osman Lleo
  • Marco Dalabona
  • Frank Soto

Video Clips

  • Jay David
    Jay David
  • Ricardo Sotelo
    Ricardo Sotelo
  • Kyle Snyder
    Kyle Snyder
  • Aldo Garcia
    Aldo Garcia
  • Danick Dumas
    Danick Dumas
  • Robert Finn
    Robert Finn
  • Marco Dalabona
    Marco Dalabona
  • Frank Sucre
    Frank Sucre
  • Francisco Dominguez
    Francisco Dominguez
  • Ruben Useche
    Ruben Useche