All weight Classes and Divisions • 3 hours 58 minutes

Nearly 4 hours of muscle on two discs! The NPC Masters National Bodybuilding Championships is the top contest in the USA for bodybulders over the age of 40. Held in Pittsburgh, PA, this contest features over 180 bodybuilders in a battle for the national masters bodybuilding title. This Evening Show video features all weight classes and age divisions. ALL bodybuilders in each weight class perform their choreographed posing routines and compete in aggressive muscle posedowns for the trophies.
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Preview Gallery

  • Steve McNamara
  • Lance Johnson
  • Joe Tong
  • Tad Inoue
  • Rob Costarelli
  • James Juge Jr.
  • Moe Meskienyau
  • Bryan Vergilia
  • Lance Johnson
  • Omar Serrano

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