Light-Heavyweight through Super-Heavyweight • 2 hours 38 minutes

Want some serous size? We'll make your screen explode as we bring you the most impressive lightheavyweight through superheavyweight competitors in our private backstage posing area. Over 65 competitors show off their prize-winning physiques, including Doug Jabalee, Damon Island, Vinnie Galanti, Warren James, Scott Demers, Mohamad Moussawi, Bryant Pangelinan, Craig Richardson, Bob Cicherillo, Mat DuVall, Jeramy Freeman, Justin Brooks, Aaron Maddron and lots more!
  • $34.95

Preview Gallery

  • Richard Sosias
  • Peter Dutton
  • Sean Maloney
  • Justin Brooks
  • Michael Palazzo
  • Aaron Maddron
  • Sebastian Zona
  • Aaron Maddron
  • King Kamali
  • Mat DuVall

Video Clips

  • Mat DuVall
    Mat DuVall
  • Sean Allan
    Sean Allan
  • Michael Costa
    Michael Costa
  • Gregory Davis
    Gregory Davis
  • David Watson
    David Watson
  • Jose DeJesus
    Jose DeJesus
  • Scott Buxton
    Scott Buxton
  • Charles Durr
    Charles Durr
  • Allen Fortney
    Allen Fortney
  • Rodney St. Cloud
    Rodney St. Cloud