All Classes • 41 minutes

Every year, the NPC Junior National Championships delivers an incredible array of new and up-and-coming bodybuilding and physique talent from across the nation to the Windy City, Chicago. The evening show finals video feature the top five competitors in all bodybuiding weight classes as they perform their choreographed posing routines and receive their hard-earned trophies. Physique competitors from all physique classes are introduced, with the top 5 receiving their trophies. Professionally-shot and produced with both wide shot and close-up camera angles, this video brings you closer than a front-row seat! • 41 minutes
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Preview Gallery

  • Kimberly Gerard
  • Kasia Topor
  • Brienne Eubanks
  • Brienne Eubanks
  • Brienne Eubanks
  • Brienne Eubanks
  • Rachael Loftis
  • Danelle Dison
  • LeeAnn Friemoth
  • Brienne Eubanks

Video Clips

  • Selena Smith
    Selena Smith
  • Tina Triguero
    Tina Triguero
  • Kimberly Baum
    Kimberly Baum
  • Amber Rivers Holmbeck
    Amber Rivers Holmbeck
  • Alyson Dallas
    Alyson Dallas
  • Danelle Dison
    Danelle Dison
  • Kasia Topor
    Kasia Topor
  • Laura Payne
    Laura Payne