All Classes • 1 hour 13 minutes

The NPC National Bodybuilding & Physique Championships are the pinnacle of the amateur contest season where top bodybuilders & physique competitors from all over the country vie for a chance to earn professional status. Without a doubt, the National Championships are the most anticipated top-level amateur contest of the year. The evening show finals video feature the top five competitors in bodybuilding and physique as they perform their choreographed posing routines and receive their hard-earned trophies. Professionally-shot and produced with both wide shot and close-up camera angles, this video brings you closer than a front-row seat! • 1 hour 13 minutes
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Preview Gallery

  • Jennifer Underwood Kallas
  • Niava Nelson
  • Yahaira Agosto Vives
  • Yahaira Agosto Vives
  • Erin Duggan
  • Dianne Brown
  • Vanessa Adams
  • Kristi McGrael
  • Marcie Simmons
  • Susan Smith

Video Clips

  • Jaquita Person-Taylor
    Jaquita Person-Taylor
  • Kristi McGrael
    Kristi McGrael
  • Jodi Lyons
    Jodi Lyons
  • Katie Chin
    Katie Chin
  • Stephanie Sumeil
    Stephanie Sumeil
  • Valerie Giovanoli
    Valerie Giovanoli
  • Kimberly Anthony
    Kimberly Anthony