All Classes • 1 hour 42 minutes

The 2015 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro Championships brought together today's top professional female bodybuilders and physique athletes from all over the country and world for one unforgettable day of muscular competition. The Evening Finals video features the complete posing routines of all top competitors. Includes on-stage class live judging comparisons and incredible posedowns before the awarding of the trophies. • 1 hour 42 minutes
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Preview Gallery

  • Virginia Sanchez Mcias
  • Patty Corbett
  • Twana Barnett
  • Olivia Terry
  • Maryse Manios
  • Mikaila Soto
  • Roxanne Edwards
  • Irene Anderson
  • Cassandra Floyd

Video Clips

  • Olivia Terry
    Olivia Terry
  • Janeen Lankowski
    Janeen Lankowski
  • Jacqueline Fuchs
    Jacqueline Fuchs
  • Kendel Dolen
    Kendel Dolen
  • Aleesha Young
    Aleesha Young
  • Virginia Sanchez Mcias
    Virginia Sanchez Mcias
  • Alana Shipp
    Alana Shipp
  • Keli Watkins
    Keli Watkins