- 2006 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships Women's Prejudging

All Weight Classes • 1 hour 57 minutes

The top bodybuilders in the nation heat up Miami Beach in the most prestigious and anticipated contest of the year. In the 2006 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships Prejudging video, you'll see over 75 of the USA's best female bodybuilders as they pose individually for the judges and the frenzied audience, and then face-off in side-by-side comparisons! You'll see what the judges saw in deciding who to crown the nation's best bodybuilders! This video is shot entirely in head-to toe full body shots. • 1 hour 57 minutes
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  • $24.95

Preview Gallery

  • Tammi Burdelski
  • Michelle Morrison
  • Sheila Bleck
  • Galina Serdtsev
  • Gale Hamler-Frankie
  • Deborah Barnes
  • Angela Salvagno
  • Barbara Fletcher
  • Amy Neal
  • Brenda Smith

Video Clips

  • Jamie Troxel
    Jamie Troxel
  • Michelle Baker
    Michelle Baker
  • Gabrielle Nicander
    Gabrielle Nicander
  • Sylvia Cowan
    Sylvia Cowan
  • Debi Laszewski
    Debi Laszewski
  • Gale Hamler-Frankie
    Gale Hamler-Frankie