- 2008 NPC Junior National Championships Women's Bodybuilding & Fitness Prejudging

All Classes • 2 hours 11 minutes

The 2008 NPC Junior Nationals brings together the nation's newest physiques in women's bodybuilding and fitness. The fitness prejudging features all competitors from each height class as they perform their choreographed fitness routines and compete in the one-piece swimsuit round with side-by-side comparisons. Bodybuilding competitors perform their individual posing routines for the audience and compete in side-by-side posing comparisons. Presented entirely in full-body shots, this video doesn't miss anything! Packed with beautifully-sculpted physiques and high quality posing and routines, prepare yourself for an incredible showdown! • 2 hours 11 minutes
  • $34.95

  • $24.95

Preview Gallery

  • Betsy Harris
  • Heather Bayer
  • Nita Marquez
  • Roxanne Edwards
  • Lena Squarciafico
  • Colleen Mahony-Sgro
  • Deanna Harvick

Video Clips

  • Angela Rayburn
    Angela Rayburn
  • Robyn Mentgen
    Robyn Mentgen
  • Deanna Harvick
    Deanna Harvick
  • Natalie Barnett
    Natalie Barnett
  • Justine Dohring
    Justine Dohring
  • Amber DeFrancesco
    Amber DeFrancesco
  • Angelita McGhee
    Angelita McGhee
  • Chris Kramer
    Chris Kramer
  • Roxanne Edwards
    Roxanne Edwards
  • Sherri Enos
    Sherri Enos