Bodybuilding & Bikini • 1 hour 16 minutes

The 2011 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro Bikini & Bodybuilding Championships brought together today's top professional female physique athletes from all over the country and all over the world for one unforgettable day of competition. This complete prejudging video features all women's competitors on stage. You'll see their physiques compared side-by-side as well as individual presentation for the judging panel. Presented in full head-to-toe full body shots, you'll see exactly what the judges evaluated. • 1 hour 16 minutes
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Preview Gallery

  • Angela Leong
  • Kristy Robbins
  • Nathalie Mur
  • Cathy LeFrancois
  • Cathy LeFrancois
  • Andrea Ferreira Carvalho
  • Brigita Brezovac
  • Brandy Leaver
  • Tina Chandler
  • Kim Buck

Video Clips

  • Tina Chandler
    Tina Chandler
  • Candice Carr-Archer
    Candice Carr-Archer
  • Monique Jones
    Monique Jones
  • Nathalie Foreau
    Nathalie Foreau
  • Beverly DiRenzo
    Beverly DiRenzo
  • Brigita Brezovac
    Brigita Brezovac
  • Drorit Silverman
    Drorit Silverman
  • Cathy LeFrancois
    Cathy LeFrancois
  • Melody Spetko
    Melody Spetko
  • Mah-Ann Mendoza
    Mah-Ann Mendoza