- 1998 NPC USA Women's Pump Room

• 1 hour 4 minutes

See fitness and bodybuilding's hottest women converge in Las Vegas, Nevada for the 1998 NPC USA Championships! Sixty-four minutes of intense oiling, pumping and posing with the dozens of bodybuilding and fitness competitors, including Iris Kyle, Heather Foster, Debbie Laszewski, Ann-Marie Crooks, Kelly Felske, Fatima Johnson, Makeba Moore, Denise Hosher, Laurent Hart, Sharee Scadron, Yaz Boyum, Kathy Pichnarcik, Stephanie Rosenlunc, Diane Restani and more! • 1 hour 4 minutes

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Video Clips

  • Lynn McCrossin
    Lynn McCrossin
  • Yaz Boyum
    Yaz Boyum
  • Denise Hoshor
    Denise Hoshor
  • Lynn McCrossin
    Lynn McCrossin
  • Lauren Hart
    Lauren Hart
  • Makeba Moore
    Makeba Moore
  • Trish Swander
    Trish Swander
  • Stephanie Rosenlund
    Stephanie Rosenlund