• 1 hour 30 minutes

Las Vegas sets the stage for one of the most anticipated contests of the year, the 2000 NPC USA Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships. You'll see bodybuilding competitors pumping up with weights, oiling down and preparing to take the stage. Featuring Lori Ottenad, Robin Parker, Annie Rivieccio, Carol Quarles, Kathy Johansson, Jennifer McVicar, Dawn Riehl, Becky Rampey, Mah-Ann Mendoza, Raheemae Mokhtari, Marry Ellen Doss, Pam Kusar, Tammi Flynn, Trish Hamashin and more!
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  • Tricia Travis
    Tricia Travis
  • Debi Laszewski
    Debi Laszewski
  • Annie Rivieccio
    Annie Rivieccio
  • Debi Laszewski
    Debi Laszewski
  • Yolanda Martinez
    Yolanda Martinez
  • Carla Haug
    Carla Haug
  • Fatima Johnson
    Fatima Johnson
  • Becky Rampey
    Becky Rampey
  • Catherine Wilbert
    Catherine Wilbert