- 2000 NPC Nationals Women's Pump Room

Bodybuilding & Fitness • 1 hour 52 minutes

The 2000 NPC Nationals brought together America's most incredible women to the Big Apple as they compete to become IFBB pros. You'll see bodybuilding competitors pumping up with weights, oiling down and preparing to take the stage in this muscle-packed pump room video. • 1 hour 52 minutes
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Video Clips

  • Tera Guzman
    Tera Guzman
  • Elena Seiple
    Elena Seiple
  • Renee ONeil
    Renee ONeil
  • Lora Ottenad
    Lora Ottenad
  • Jayne Trcka
    Jayne Trcka
  • Beth Roberts
    Beth Roberts
  • Sheila Harvey
    Sheila Harvey
  • Lisa Aukland
    Lisa Aukland
  • Elena Seiple
    Elena Seiple