- 2001 NPC Junior USA Women's Pump Room

Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure • 54 minutes

Kicking off the first NPC contest of the year, the 2001 NPC Junior USA championships features an impressive array of fresh faces and incredible bodies of many competitors that are new to national-level competition. Two cameras bring you incredible pump room action as these supremely ripped athletes pump up with weights, oil down and get ready to take the stage. A great way to see the competitors in an informal setting. • 54 minutes

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Video Clips

  • Deon Lozon
    Deon Lozon
  • Chaleah Ayers
    Chaleah Ayers
  • Jill Livoti
    Jill Livoti
  • Valerie Varnauskas
    Valerie Varnauskas
  • Kimberly Myers
    Kimberly Myers
  • Melody Leese
    Melody Leese
  • Christine Vaillancourt
    Christine Vaillancourt
  • Lori Emory
    Lori Emory
  • Melody Leese
    Melody Leese
  • Muriel Brewer
    Muriel Brewer