- 2001 NPC Nationals Women's Bodybuilding Pump Room

All Weight Classes! • 1 hour 29 minutes

Atlanta set the stage for the 2001 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships where close to 50 competitors converged to battle for a chance to earn their pro card at the year's most anticipated bodybuilding contest. See these muscular women lift, push, and pump themselves up with sheer size and definition in the backstage warm-up area. Lots of oiling, flexing, and incredible close-ups take you where no other spectator can go! Shot with multiple cameras during the prejudging and evening show portions of the contest. Featuring Beth Roberts, Tonia Villalobos, Mary Ellen Doss, Angela Irizarry, Lisa Winston and many more! • 1 hour 29 minutes
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Video Clips

  • Mara Silva
    Mara Silva
  • Yamile Marrero
    Yamile Marrero
  • Ursula Lewis
    Ursula Lewis
  • Minerva Gonzalez
    Minerva Gonzalez
  • Elena Seiple
    Elena Seiple
  • Debi Chance
    Debi Chance
  • Kathryn Connors
    Kathryn Connors
  • Sherry Smith
    Sherry Smith
  • Mimi Jabalee
    Mimi Jabalee
  • Dre Dillard
    Dre Dillard