- 2002 NPC Nationals Women's Bodybuilding Pump Room

• 1 hour 58 minutes

The 2002 NPC National Championships is America's top-level amateur bodybuilding contest, featuring over 70 bodybuilding women. The Women's Bodybuilding Pump Room video features competitors from all the weight classes as they pump up backstage, oil up, and practice posing before taking the stage. Our cameras bring you these supremely conditioned athletes in stunning close-ups with crystal clarity. You won't believe your eyes! Featuring Sarah Dunlap, Jeannie Paparone, Susan Fancini, Alley Miesch-Nie, Sherry Smith, Tatianna Butler, Heather Policky and more! • 1 hour 58 minutes
  • $34.95

  • $24.95

Preview Gallery

  • Lisa Winston
  • Jeannie Paparone
  • Tamara Wright
  • Stephanie Starr
  • Valerie Varnauskas
  • Tera Guzman
  • Jennifer Abrams
  • Carri Ledford-Baldwin
  • Bonny Priest

Video Clips

  • Dre Dillard
    Dre Dillard
  • Tamara Wright
    Tamara Wright
  • Jeannie Paparone
    Jeannie Paparone
  • Gina Davis
    Gina Davis
  • Michelle Greer
    Michelle Greer
  • Valerie Varnauskas
    Valerie Varnauskas
  • Jennifer Abrams
    Jennifer Abrams
  • Angela Salvagno
    Angela Salvagno
  • Norma Nieves
    Norma Nieves
  • Angela Rojas
    Angela Rojas