All Height Classes • 3 hours 1 minute

From America's "Windy City," Chicago, Illinois, comes the 2006 NPC Junior National Championships. This contest brings together more than 150 of the nation's newest physiques in women's figure and fitness. The Pump Room video captures many of these beautiful women backstage as they pump up and practice their poses before heading out to the stage. Packed with stunning close-ups, this 3 hour video is a great way to see the fabulous physique ladies of this contest in a personal, exciting, backstage setting. • 3 hours 1 minute
  • $34.95

  • $24.95

Preview Gallery

  • Karen Patten
  • Danielle Kifer
  • Breean Robinson
  • Nina Schumacher
  • Jessica Wright
  • Ava Cowan
  • Jesse Ferguson
  • Angela English