- 2006 NPC Junior National Bodybuilding Championships Women's Pump Room

All Weight Classes • 3 hours

From America's "Windy City," Chicago, Illinois, comes the 2006 NPC Junior National Championships. This contest brings together some of the newest stars in women's bodybuilding for a contest you will never forget. This 3 hour long Pump Room video features nearly 30 female powerhouses backstage pumping up, oiling down and practicing their poses before hitting the stage. You'll see why our pump room videos are a popular choice to see all the muscle up-close. • 3 hours
  • $34.95

  • $24.95

Preview Gallery

  • Rita Kaya
  • Kris Murrell
  • Theresa Hendricks
  • Heather Pedigo
  • Tracy Mason
  • Kris Murrell
  • Theresa Hendricks
  • Kirsten Haratyk
  • Angela Rayburn
  • Kim Pauline

Video Clips

  • Amy Schmid
    Amy Schmid
  • Rita Kaya
    Rita Kaya
  • Kim Pauline
    Kim Pauline
  • Joan Skipper
    Joan Skipper
  • Tammy Patnode
    Tammy Patnode
  • Rose Diaz
    Rose Diaz
  • Kris Murrell
    Kris Murrell
  • Marilee De Armond
    Marilee De Armond
  • Kirsten Haratyk
    Kirsten Haratyk
  • Julia Stamper
    Julia Stamper