- 2007 NPC USA Bodybuilding Championships Women's Pump Room

Muscle Women Pump-Up and Flex Behind-the Scenes • 2 hours 3 minutes

The 2007 NPC USA Bodybuilding Championships in Las Vegas brings together the top bodybuilding stars in the USA! You'll see the muscular women from all weight classes behind-the-scenes as they get ready to take the stage. This video is packed with non-stop shots of nearly 50 women bodybuilders pumping up with weights, oiling down and practicing poses. We bring you into the heart of the pump room with mind-blowing close-ups to capture the excitement and intensity of this year's NPC USA Women's Bodybuilding Championships! • 2 hours 3 minutes
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Video Clips

  • Galina Serdtsev
    Galina Serdtsev
  • Melissa Alvarado
    Melissa Alvarado
  • Michele Neil
    Michele Neil
  • Diana Cook
    Diana Cook
  • Star Blaylock
    Star Blaylock
  • Sharon Garrett
    Sharon Garrett
  • Melissa Alvarado
    Melissa Alvarado
  • Bettina Kadet
    Bettina Kadet
  • Holly Geersen
    Holly Geersen
  • Yamile Marrero
    Yamile Marrero