- 2011 NPC Masters Nationals Women's Bodybuilding Pump Room

Bodybuilding Women - All Classes! • 2 hours 8 minutes

Each year the NPC Masters National Bodybuilding Championships brings the top bodybuilding women in the USA over the age of 30 together to compete for the Masters National trophy. Shot backstage in the pump room, this video shows these muscular women pumping up, practicing their posing and getting ready to hit the stage. The instant download version of this video is an HD video file. • 2 hours 8 minutes
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Preview Gallery

  • Margaret Negrete
  • Kathy Barrett
  • Sherri Gray
  • Michelle Evans
  • Sherri Gray
  • Kathy Rowland
  • Robyn Mentgen
  • Robyn Mentgen
  • Ellen Woodley
  • Sherri Gray

Video Clips

  • Janet Kaufman
    Janet Kaufman
  • Nancy Brigham
    Nancy Brigham
  • Paula Vincent
    Paula Vincent
  • Roxanne Edwards
    Roxanne Edwards
  • Gabrielle Nicander
    Gabrielle Nicander
  • Veron Thornhill
    Veron Thornhill
  • Lauren Laplante Rottman
    Lauren Laplante Rottman
  • Yvonne Edmunds
    Yvonne Edmunds
  • Nilsa Anderson
    Nilsa Anderson