All Classes • 2 hours 5 minutes

Every year, the NPC Junior National Championships delivers an incredible array of new and up-and-coming fitness and figure talent from across the nation to the Windy City, Chicago. This video is packed with non-stop shots of figure and fitness ladies pumping up with weights, oiling down and practicing poses.
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Preview Gallery

  • Dawn Fernandez
  • Aubrey Reavis
  • Christina Watson
  • Jennifer Moriarty
  • Linda Andrew
  • Nicole Logan
  • Katelyn Aseltine
  • Rocio Ruiz
  • Tanya Etessam
  • Diane Shields

Video Clips

  • Shianne Behan
    Shianne Behan
  • Kristi Romero
    Kristi Romero
  • Nicole Preston
    Nicole Preston
  • Tanya Etessam
    Tanya Etessam
  • Melissa Rosemeyer
    Melissa Rosemeyer
  • Aubrey Reavis
    Aubrey Reavis
  • Jazzla Walters
    Jazzla Walters
  • Moriah Kardas
    Moriah Kardas
  • Dawn Hinz Pugh
    Dawn Hinz Pugh
  • Kristi Conroy
    Kristi Conroy